4 Books As Epic As Game Of Thrones


Preface: You might need a Kindle and Amazon account to access these books.

The Game of Thrones series is an instant classic thanks to its highly popular TV series, world building, and neverending twists. Let me tell you now though: There are many books that have similar or better stories, worlds, and writing! They may not have TV adaptations, but here are 4 book series that should be on your reading list ASAP:

  1. The Mistborn Trilogy by Brandon Sanderson (Fantasy)

Brandon Sanderson is both a god and a demon to readers familiar with this author. While I enjoy his near-godlike ability to build worlds I believe in, magic systems that make sense, and awesome characters that I hold dear, he is a demon for not writing fast enough. The Sanderson multiverse (multiple universes) contains magic unique to each world, with characters so rich and stories written so engagingly that one can’t help but praise and curse his books.

The Mistborn Trilogy is one of the best introductions to the Sanderson style. Fast, almost TV-like action and fun characters makes it easy to digest (it is classified as Young Adult) and interesting to read at the same time. The unique metal-based magic system delights the reader in its simplicity and logic.

Similar books in the genre (Epic Fantasy): The Stormlight Archives, The Legend of Drizzt, Mageborn

  1. The Awaken Online Trilogy by Travis Bagwell (LitRPG)


If you’re a gamer, this book is for you (though everyone else should love the style). LitRPG is a fast-growing genre that builds on amazing stories written in fantastic worlds familiar to the average gamer, and Awaken Online is one of the most well-written universes of all of them.

The twist of character building (literally a twisted “bad is good” perspective) and amazingly easy-to-digest world building throws the reader straight into the story. Fast-paced, well-written, and uber interesting.

Similar books in the genre (LitRPG): The Dark Herbalist, Sufficiently Advanced Magic, The Land

  1. The Robopocalypse series by Daniel H. Wilson (post-apocalyptic science fiction)

Can you imagine a toaster or elevator trying to kill you? Written in an almost diary/journal-like manner, Robopocalypse answers a deep question that underlies a serious possibility in our future: What happens if our machines thought for themselves? Movies like the Terminator don’t even come close to describing what happens.

Unique characters and logically thought out stories bring the robotic apocalypse to life in a believable setting in your mind. It’s truly terrifying to think about how much technology lies in every device we use in this day and age.

Similar books in the genre (post-apocalyptic): World War Z (not related to the movie), The Last Humans

  1. The Red Rising Series by Pierce Brown (Science Fiction / Fantasy)

The Red Rising universe mixes the class-color-identity of Divergent and house/faction betrayal of GoT and sets it all in space. While everyone loves a main character who rises from nothing, Red Rising puts a ton of color (literally) in the darkness of space, and creates a cohesive story of action and thrilling adventure that is sure to keep you reading till your eyes water.

Similar books in the genre (Science Fiction):  Hell Divers, BV Larson (author)


If any producers are reading this: Any and ALL these books should become TV shows. Read them. You will understand.