Vandal Bridging The Gap Between HipHop & Cryptocurrency With New Single “Rap Crypto”


Malaysia’s HipHop veteran Vandal is stepping back onto the scene with a new studio album still in its finishing stages but has just released his new single “Rap Crypto” as an introduction to a movement that’s looking to take off.

When word spread around the scene about a solo project from Vandal in the works, it sparked excitement from a lot of people, partly since it has been a long minute since his last solo venture. Everyone had their own expectations of how it would turn out sonically and conceptually, but Vandal has absolutely taken it entirely left-field with this one, everything that anyone expects will have to just purge it all and approach it with an open mind.

“Rap Crypto” is a track that sets the tone for the EP titled “White Paper” that really delves into the universe that is the blockchain and cryptocurrency. Vandal looks to merge HipHop and technology through this project, specifically trying to integrate HipHop’s attitude into the crypto space. Cryptocurrency is still a relatively unknown entity, everyone has heard of Bitcoin, but no one really understands how it works. This is Vandal’s way of shedding light on a system that exists for us as a people to utilize a decentralized cryptocurrency that’s densely encrypted and operates independently of a central bank. We admit, to truly appreciate this body of work requires some interest for cryptocurrency, but Vandal is determined to use every tool in his toolbox to be the guiding voice into the realm of the blockchain.

Produced by Seremban’s own HM StateNine, Vandal walks us through his own experience in the blockchain, dropping basic knowledge of the game that consists of the strategies, the patterns and even a list of crypto jargon. For instance, F.O.M.O, an acronym for Fear Of Missing Out; F.U.D which means—because of—Fear, Uncertainty & Doubt; or most importantly, Satoshi Nakamoto which is the moniker of the anonymous founder of Bitcoin. Staying true to his core belief in community, he’s on a quest to help build and develop another movement, and this single and upcoming EP are only the stepping stones towards a bigger purpose.

Artwork done by NesTwo, “Rap Crypto” is currently on presale on Itunes up until its official release this Friday, the 15th, so make sure to get your copy ASAP. A mash-up video has also been made for the single which you can check out below.”Rap Crypto” is only a hint of more to come, not just with new music, so keep it here with us as the movement develops.